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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Closing Lieh-not-enough~!

Oh! Lieh not enough! 

Enough is Enough ; Everything is not everything!

No goodbye to my this old blog, I will still keep you and at the same time...
Looking forward for a new beginning in my new blog space~

Note: Many entries have interesting info, therefore may be good to read again once in a while for ideas / inspirations. 
Some entries define a lot about myself, including the acronym L.I.E.H.

Best Way to Close this Blog Part 2/2

More old notes:
  1. I like clean cut and straight stuff; I would like things to stay simple & nice and of easy reach. Therefore, I thought that "categorization" is the solution. However, when I get into this process of categorizing, that's the time I'd realized that:
    • Behind every simple concept, lies a complicated / complex nature. - Lieh (07/05/2008)
      Haha... my purpose is to make things simple, but in the process, it is not going to a simple task. There are many ways to sort things out, for example, books. Should I arrange them in consideration of size? I.e. from big size to small size in a ascending / descending order. In this way, it will appear to be neat from the visual view. However, the different subjects / topics of books will then mixed together, it then becomes inconvenience when you wanna search for the specific topic.
      - 07 May 2008

  2. Another reason was... In my life, I realized one thing significant about me, and that's the ability to do "everything". I came out this quote eventually:
    • I cannot specialize in anything. I can only specialize in everything. - Lieh (before 26-05-2008)
      What does it mean? It simply means that I cannot focus on one subject, any subject; I cannot be a master of one aspect, any aspect. Because, it will takes a long progress and commitment to achieve such mastery. While at the mean time, I am quite keen with many subjects, many things. Meaning to say, I can do well in much things, that's why I can get lots of 'A's in my academic results. But I can never be a master of any of those subjects...
      How I came into such a conclusion? Like I mentioned before, I was school band's Drum Major. But one thing I realized, I was never that talented in music, in the aspect of rhythm, tempo and stuff. What makes me a Drum Major, was actually because of my attitude. Yes, attitude makes whole lot of different! I was the hardworking member... During free time practice, I was the few who really concentrate in practicing with my instrument while the rest was chatting or playing or simply resting. I was obedient and willing to submit under my seniors. Because of such attitude, I stood out from the crowds and was considered and trained into a Drum Major. 

  3. Just FYI, I've decided to discontinue my Singapore PR status as it expires on today... I could have ways to continue it, but I've decided not to do that for some reasons... one of the reasons is because the method is not that "legally right" as I supposed. After I've made the decision, the phrase "walk in righteousness" came into my mind.

    But of course, I am still open options for jobs available in Singapore. And I can look for job / career that I would really wanted to go into, such as finance & banking. No need to "desperately" get a job just to extent my PR status liao, haha... Singapore PR no more... but what really matter is, I am still a Citizen of Heavenly Kingdom!

    Meanwhile, after I've settled my Malaysia Driving License, I can drive my Honda Accord JBV21 into Singapore~~~! Yes! I bring hope for CG Fellowship transportation! (Though, I still gotta usher after Service) Haha...

    In anyways, JB Shaoyeah~ still RuLes~~~! Because he is well taken care of by his ABBA FATHER!!! Romans 8:28 also RuLes~~~!
    • February 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Best Way to Close this Blog Part 1/2

Some old notes for blogging:
Somethings that I noted but did not actually blog them. Although I am creating a brand new blog site, I still wanna keep these old memories here in this old blog. And I think this is the best way to close this blog. Wuahaha
  1. What I can recall is when I was in about primary 3. I was in the school appreciating the beautiful flowers and scenario, and You prompted me with these questions in my mind:"Who created such beautiful flowers and human and many other things?" "What would happen when everything becomes nothing?" "How does the universe is gonna like without human?" "How does the universe like without universe itself?" "Absolute nothing!" Or what I call this right now the "Absolute nothingness" or "Absolute Emptiness".
    • Yet to the most ironic part of this answer is that, there will be NO ONE there to say the words "absolute nothingness" because of "absolute nothingness", there is no such words to describe this nothingness simply because it is "absolute nothingness"... After I'd thought for that when I was only in primary 3, I couldn't have a peace of mind every time these question came into mind. I couldn't visualize a world of absolute nothingness. It was the number 1 questions that I wanna avoid.
    • Then in secondary school life, using my interests towards the universe, life and etc, You again lead me to a person who answered my question "Who created this world?" I think he was one of the first person who answered me with this model answer "God created this world." Immediately, somehow I was reminded to the God that Christianity promotes. The person further told me that he is not a Christian, he did not believed in Jesus although he believed that there is a one true God and the rival of God being the Devil. I was convinced by him about "God created this world." But somehow, not further. I had a strong feeling in my heart that the God he mentioned was the God that Christians promote.
    • At that time, I had a very close friend, Samuel, he was and is also now a devoted Christian.
      • 01 May 2008

  2. During those Sunday when I not going to Singapore Service, I was happily doing my own thing, taking my own time. And I actually made an effort to visit a secondary school friend who is selling Wan Ton Mee. Please do not have the idea that he is not doing well. This business of Wan Ton Mee has been passed down from his grandfather and he is the third generation doing this. I personally realize that him and I got some similarity
      • 18 September 2008

  3. Current Situation -- health, game, movie:
    • Wanted to keep a habit of continuous gym... But sickness got me... again... Sigh... really hated it when I am sick... Not the kind of sickness that make you groan on bed and can't do anything at all. But the flu is good (or bad) enough to make you can't go to exercise and train my nice nice body. :( So sad, my arms' muscles are building up... I am so afraid that my effort will gone, in vain~! But what can I do? The best is to take care of my flu first.
    • Kind of find it ironic though... People said that exercise can make you healthy, less sickness. But when you sick, you can't do any exercise. It is like... already too late liao... A scenario just came into my mind, it is like you plant a flower without watering it, only when you realize the flower starts to wither, then you start to water it. It will already been too late, right? But maybe there is still a glimse of hope ba, and that will be another story liao...
    • About game... I will be still happily in my land of Ivalice until further notice. Though, there are times I feel kind of "boring" at certain period while playing games... The feeling of "why am I playing this game now?" or "what am I doing with this game?" A feeling of thinking that time is wasted playing the game, sometimes feel like I am addicted to it, but then not really that addictive. I could still do some control. Then I thought, maybe I have "grown up"? Hah! But it is "growing taller" that I want instead of "growing up"! Maybe it is just that I no longer love playing game the way I used to play before...? Then I think the following mindset best suited my feeling and thoughts towards the game... It is because the game is not the ever best game that I ever played before in my life... Well, it is just another game ba... It is just that the game is not my "first love" game, it is not really my favourite game ba... And there are features in the game that I don't really like it, such as the game is running and sometimes loading a little slow... The storyline sucks big time... Nevertheless and regardlessly, there are times that I still enjoying this game very much. :D
    • Movie~! Watched a nice movie called "Mama Mia" with CG friends. It is a musical filled with my favourite band, ABBA's songs. I really enjoyed the movie except that there were some points that I was not comfortable with in the beginning, because my favourite songs are sung by some stranger voices, and then it turned out to be funny most of the time. Especially when Pierce Brosnan (the Agent 007 guy) started to sing. Because the original was a female and the moment he sang the part, it just seemed “????” lor... Another “????” scenes that this movie has, is the blending in of those calefare... to me, they somehow can't really fixed nicely into the picture. 
    • The Donna --> Meryl Streep
    • Ah Bee watched musical in London. 
      • 18 September 2008

  4. CPF money cannot take out.
  5. Ship-wrecked faith / Ghostship faith
  6. Charity Prince Charming
    • All dates unknown.

Old Notes / Entries from Old WordPress Blog

  1. From WordPress notes - raw ideas: 
    1. Raw Idea Note #1:
      还是给“自己,他人”欺骗?-- 自欺欺人?? 
    2. Random Raw Idea Note #2: 
      • 心之倦,无人知;心之痛,无人诉!
      • I put this statement in my MSN, resulting lots of people showering their cares to me... But actually, I only put it there to serve as a reminder for me to finish this "poem"... There are a lot of ideas about this "poem"... Anyways, since I have decided to put the note here, I now can erase this from my MSN status... Ahaha... 
    3. Random Raw Idea Note #3: 
      • 爱到最后不是爱! 
    4. Random Raw Idea Note #4:
      • 心太软,心态乱! 
        • 5/11/2009 
  2. From WordPress "Coming Up…" Page: 
    • 1-PR exipired 2-Flunked Interview 3-Sg License no more valid 4-Return Sg IC & Entry Permit 5-Apply My(JB) License 6-Lost My IC 
    • KIV: Pages that I wanna to have:- 
      1. Beautiful People -- dedicated to all the people that have come into my life, starting with God. 
      2. Beautiful Thing -- reviews on all the beautiful story, games, movies, books, musics, and every other beautiful things that have touched me greatly. 
      3. Links to friends, favorite sites, movies, etc. 
      4. MAP -- My Major Arrangement Plan
  3. From "Blog Introduction" page: 
    • This weblog is about me – Lieh, AKA / names that I wanted to be associated with:- 
      1. Adrian, the Creative Mind 
      2. JB Shaoyeah~ 
      3. Lasam Lieh 
      4. Lime Lite Lieh 
      5. Fervent Lieh 
      6. Lieh Not Enough! 烈不够用! 
      7. And also forgetting not the names like: Abraham, Melchizedek and Legolas~! 
    • How I decided the name as Liehness?
I wanted to register my user name as only “lieh”, but the name is in used! So I had difficulty in search of another unique and remarkable name.

I’ve thought of using my name that I used for my previous blog site, i.e. lieh-not-enough, where I also “acronym-ed” my 4 Greatest Values in Life into my name Lieh: L –Love | I – Integrity | E – Excellence / Essential | H – Humility. And according to the current world setting, indeed, LIEH is not enough…

But somehow, “lieh-not-enough” is way too long IMO. So maybe if I acronym more into liehNE, where NE stands for “not enough”. But then again, liehNE does not sound nice.

So I dropped off the whole idea of “not enough”, and continue to search for a better name with the considerations of my other values in life. Indeed, I was reminded “greatness” and immediately the suffix “~ness” hits me. I’ve checked dictionary, that ~ness describes the state; quality; condition; degree of adjectives and participles. With that, “Liehness” does make an appropriate title for my weblog where I can update my life’s current states and conditions, the quality of my life, my thoughts mechanism and many more to come~! Simply because, it is “liehness” that we’re talking about~!

Not long after, I realized that “~ness” starts with the letter NE, which I previously acronym into “not enough”. Maybe I just add any two adverbs or adjectives that start with the letter “S” will further acronym the suffix “~ness” at ease! After some research and consideration, I’ve decided on “supply” and “splendidly”. Therefore “LIEHNESS” is acronym for Love, Integrity, Excellency / Essential, Humility is Not Enough in Supply Splendidly, where the double S can be regularly changed with other words like “seriously”, “severely”, “sublimely”, “sumptuously”, and any other I can think of. And AT ALL TIME, “LIEHNESS” is still about myself and my maybe-dramatical life~!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Addicted to PayPal???

Ahaha... Find it funny that I kind of think that I'm addicted to buy stuff online via PayPal. Has the "itchy finger" feeling that just wanna click on the "buy" button, or always think of something to buy... Haha...

The first time I used PayPal was when I helped my Papa to subscribe to a Stock Market magazine. After that, I did not do much with online shopping. Only until my Birthday this year. I was playing a Facebook game, Zoo World. It had this really cheap offer of a Valentine Day animal, "Lovebird" at USD1.00 only. And by purchasing, it also gave 2 Wild Life Points, something crucial in the game. Maybe is because of the "Birthday factor", that I just couldn't help but to buy it via PayPal! To me, it was a great experience, because I really hardly buy stuff online and via PayPal, even though my sis always encouraged me to buy something online to experience the procedure and stuff.

After gotten my "first Lovebird", the game suggested me to buy another one, so that I can breed this bird later. Well, "I'm convinced" and there I was, getting another one! Wuahahaha...

My friend, Jojo, always advice me not to use real $$$ to play Facebook game. She told me to only do this during my Birthday. Now I could remember how overjoy I was when I told her "I did something really crazy today!" Haha...

Well, think few days later, this game had another offer! -- Wooly Mammoth at USD0.99! Plus 2 Wild Life Points as well. Woohoo~~~! I can't helped it! And so there I was, "Oops... I did it again!" Wuahahaha...

After this incident, I was "struggling" whether to buy the new offers by the game or not... Haha... Thank God, with the aid of my friend, Jojo, I could stopped buying a few offers. Oh... how I missed the "Flying Pig" now... :( Anyways, my latest purchase was this "UNICEF Blue Elephant". The game said that the $$$ I paid will go to UNICEF, a charity that help people to get clean water and sanitation. Jojo tried to stop me, but I "convinced" her that I was doing charity. Ahaha... As a result, I bought 2 "UNICEF Blue Elephants" via PayPal again! Haha...

Just now, I was checking my Gmail and found out the e-mail receipts from PayPal. As I read it, I had the "itchy finger" feeling again! Feel like buying something via PayPal! But got nothing to buy for now, as a result, I initiated this blog. Yup... long time never updated this blog. And this is what I blog after the long pause! Wuahaha... Something good is about to happen? Maybe! I hope! Well signing off now... I still wanna blog more, more & MORE!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Woohoo~! I am Fasting Now!!!

Life Update

Woohoo~! I hadn't been fasting for more than 3 years. But recently, I... fasted "just like that"! Am really really glad and with that kind of abundance joy, I couldn't wait to blog it down! Indeed, words cannot describe how I feel...

~ Being the Devil ~
Haha... The first paragraph is only an status update... Now I wanted to write down my down feelings... Recently a bad thing happened to me... I was like "being the devil", I felt so so sad & angry over this issue. It had been like a month already... I could still feel the hurt, and such is indeed a "daily hurt" to me now. But everyday, when I think that I could still feel the effect from the issue, I also know that the person whom I hurt the most, too, may have feel the pain too. I am really really, terribly sorry for the damage that I did upon the person. I will continue to wait for your forgiveness. "I'm sorry. Please forgive me." And I truly treasure the friendship between you...

Your words cut me deep. But I know that I hurt you too. You say, "you did it again!" I was really speechless. You were right, from your point of view, "I did it again." But from my side... sigh... I totally regret what I did, and I definitely learned a great lesson here. All I ever wish now, is to restore back our "special" friendship, and I promise, I promise I will not make any stupid mistake of gossiping & MISTRUST. Definitely, I will not fall into the trap of mistrust anymore.

You asked, "What kind of Christian are you?" You know, you're the first person who actually said that to me. The hurt is unexplainable. Things were not mean like this... But still, maybe you did sounded the alarm bell for me in my Christianity walk. Maybe... maybe this is one of the reasons that contribute to my fasting action...

Indeed, just amazed by the statement from my Pastor, he always say, "it takes years to build up the trust, but only take one stupid mistake to collapse the whole thing." Well, that's the strength of trust, mutual trust, and that's where the weaknesses lie too. I learned it, I totally regret it, and I hope you can gimme your final, final chance on me. I promise, I promise and I promise I will respect you as a very close & special friend.

"Forgiveness & re-trust, is all I ever asking from you now..."

~ The Lost of A Great Mother - My Grandma (外婆)~
I wanted to blog this down, but was delayed and delayed and delayed... Until now, I forgot what I want to say about it. Well... We all believe that she left us for good. For the condition that she suffered... I felt bad sometimes. About 2 years ago, 阿公 left us. It was really an unexpected event for all of us, even though the "signs" were there. But all of us were "lack of experience" to sense that. Ever since the lost, Grandma has become a totally different person in her physics and looks. She was so weak...

Then about 1 year ago, her only (younger) sister left too. We call her "Yee-po" (姨婆)one. Before Yee-po left, we also made a visit to her. The first time I looked at her, I really could not recognize her, I didn't even sure its her, until San-yee (三姨)asked us to call her, then I opened my mouth and called... Not long after... we received the news... The whole family didn't want to inform grandma about this. But somehow, deep down, it seemed that she knew...

But anyways, everything is alright now. She left us in peace and with great blessings! That's what the Chinese believe. ;)

~ Back to Fasting & God ~
After the issue of "being devil", God had been very good to me... He was there to comfort me, told me to lift up this whole issue upon Him and stuff like that. He always provide "word of seasons" or "word of 'just-in-time'" for me. We were talking about "team", and there were one Service, Pastor Kong ended the sermon with a short story about Michael Jordon. He said, reporters commented, "having Michael Jordon in your team is like having God in your team." Pastor then add, "God can be in your team too." I was greatly encouraged by the statement. And now I believe that "God is in my team". Ahaha...

The next great thing that God provided for me, was the opportunity to fast! I used to have the habit of fasting when I was very active in Church back then. Somehow, I was really excited about fasting. Ever since when "Fasting" was taught by my leader (Janice Seow) in Bible Study, I couldn't wait to fast!!! I could still remember the very first time of my fasting experience... :)

Anyways, a side story. Recently I happened to know 2 very very close friends in gym. Shall talk about them more next time. The point I want to make here is, I somehow told one of them, Jojo about my desire to fasting... Can't really sure why I brought this up to her, maybe I was too comfortable with her... or maybe I knew that she fasts too.

So as I told her, she encouraged me and shared with me the stuff about fasting. She told me she believed in me that I could find the chance to fast again. Nether did I know, the chance could come so fast! Thank you my dear friend, thank you for believing in me. :D

I went to the Service last week (29th Nov 2009), Pastor Kong told us that he was in the midst of fasting, and he would break his 21 days fast on 30th November. And somehow, my chance to fast started on the first day of December, i.e. the next day after he broke fast.

Generally, I fast for 8am to 8pm, 12 hours. I allow myself to drink water, plain water only. Kind of a "simple fasting" for me. And it is "convenience" too. Haha... But still, I assure you, this is not an easy task at all! You gotta go through the time of "lunch time but no lunch", "dinner time but no dinner", these are the time you will feel very much starvation to the extent that my hand would shake because of physical weakness. And the constant feel of hunger is no joke! And to me, the greater challenge is, to avoid letting my family knows about it. Because they may not think what I think, and they will strongly against it. So... :( I choose not to tell them for now.

Usually, the very first 3 days of fasting are the most difficult period, your body is at the stage of "getting used to it". I experienced a very strong "hand shake" during the 3rd day. But after the 3 days, the effect of hunger was not so strong already. It was kind of like "getting used" to it already... :)

On the 4th day of my fasting, I saw Pastor Kong posted a "note" titled "The Power of Fasting" in Facebook. I couldn't wait to read. And after reading, once again, I was greatly encouraged & inspired. To me, this is like another "word of season / word of 'just-in-time' " from my God again. Now, I was so so happy regardless of the stuff that I am going through now. :D I really thank God for everything! Anyway, this is the link for the article (both links lead to the same article):

During fasting, I always try to submit myself totally to God, i.e. extremely obedience. I will listen to what the Voice say and be ready to obey. During those period of seldom going to Church, no fasting, etc, my pride (the negative, bad pride) has risen. This is the result of the increase in my selfishness, anger problem and etc. That's why, I wanted to fast to "humble myself before God", that's the biblical purpose for fasting. To me, lack of humility is the root of selfishness and anger problem. Because it is all the bad & negative pride, you only think for yourself, and don't think on other peoples' perspective.

I really don't want to be a selfish person. I always wanted to tell everyone, this:
"Everyone is selfish, but I happen to be the least selfish one."
And I can even say this:
"If a person say 'you're selfish', actually he/she is the one who is really selfish. A selfless person will never comment anyone who is being selfish, because with his/her character, 'selfish' is never a word appear in his/her dictionary."
That is why, I always restrain myself from commenting people being selfish, because that will only reflect my own selfishness. But recently... I commented people being selfish... This is so not me... I felt so bad for my action. I really don't want to be this kind of person... :( And really,
"How you see others, is how you see yourself."
Therefore, we really gotta be wise & think twice, three-times before we comment or judge about people. That's why, I always don't talk bad things about people. Ahaha... And I always try to look at the bright side of the hill, trying to find the good points and strength in people. ;)

In addition, I don't have so much anger problem in the past, I mean I can control my emotion well, every friends see me as a nice person without getting angry... Though, I do get angry sometimes, and my anger usually subsides quickly. But not now recently, especially in this year, I lost control many times already... :( I was thinking, maybe the issue is something that really matters to me, that's why I get angry easily. But nevertheless, I will not let this be an excuse to face my anger problem / management.

I always want to fast to humble myself before God, and nothing else, that's the sole purpose of fasting. But immediately, God would tell me to fast for something else. I told God, I will fast solely on the purpose of self-humble. But God would say "that's enough". And He wants me to do something else, and He will remind me these 2 key words -- "Total submission" or "Absolute obedience", and so I gotta obey. This time round, God wanted me to fast for "Forgiveness". First, asking forgiveness from Him, and second, "Forgiveness" from people whom I hurt recently. And so I did... :)

I had been fasted for 8 days. And I really liking it. I truly wish I can keep up with the habit of fasting. I love fasting, but still, that doesn't mean it is always easy for me. It is very very tough to fast... Really. During fasting, I would always think that "I don't want to fast!" But still, as I remembered the purpose for my fasting, I would get back the desire & drive to carry on, no matter what... I really thankful to God for what he has been doing for me. :D

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My 2 New Soul Mates~! Sony Vaio & HTC Touch Diamond2

Main Label: Life Updates

~ I'm Back After MIA From This Blog... ~
OOPS! Neither did I know... time really flies~~~! Its been 2 months that I did not update his blog! A new record for me...
Well, should I say, this is another blog about "losing focus" ba... But before that...

~ My First Soul Mate ~
oh... btw, I just realized that this is the very first time that I am using my First Soul Mate, aka Sony Vaio VGN-FW46GJ/B to blog!!! Woohoo~~~! I got my most beloved First Soul Mate on the 15th of August 2009, in the Bersada PC Fair! I went there with my sis, Finn.

Well... got a little story about getting this soul mate... Its all my clumsiness and ended up 摆乌龙 lor... haha... Mistaken that a deposit of RM500 had been given to the sales person but ended up realizing we haven't given to them! And was a bit angry... and then when we realized it our own, we felt paiseh lor...

Also, we got a nice optical mouse as Papa's Birthday present. And sis also got herself a HP printer...

A sad story to note... I finally got My First Soul Mate on 2015th August 2009, I was not able to collect on the day of PC Fair because no more stock already. So we rescheduled it to collect on 20th August. So happy... But... My Sony Vaio went to "Blue Screen of Death" on the 8th day after the collection! I was so angry and was really like "the world falls apart" like that... How would you feel when your newly bought lappy goes to blue screen of death on the 8th day of purchase???

After sadness & anger, it must be the time of "get back to reality" and solve the problem... Thank-God-ly, I did follow the instruction to create "Recovery Discs" the first few times I log into Window Vista. The 4 Recovery Discs actually included the Window Vista Setup programs and other backup tools to restore the lappy back to its default factory setting. So I used it to restore my new lappy... Everything was back to the default factory setting, and I gotta reinstall those "just installed programs" lor.

I googled about the problem and realized that what made my innocent Sony Vaio went to blue screen of death could be the Apple Quicktime thing. I was not sure whether this was the true or not. However, my lappy did went dying after I installed iTunes & Quicktime. So this time round, I would not dare to install Apple product... I really got the phobia. Instead, my sis introduced me to use VLC Media Player. I installed it, and man! It was good! My blog can play the background mp3 formatted music too!

Initially, I needed Quicktime so that my blog can playback mp3. But somehow, with VLC, it is much easier now! I am so happy! This is the only gain, or lesson learned from my lappy's blue screen of death... Nevertheless, I should be grateful. :)

~ My Second Soul Mate ~
And on 7th October 2009, I got myself another soul mate! -- HTC Touch Diamond 2!!! Woohoo~~~ Irene Tan YY, a new friend I knew from Clark Hatch helped me to get it first as she worked there... I'm thankful for her help! Haha... And oops, haven't got the chance to return her $$$ yet...

Having this HTC phone got its pros and cons. I am still at the stage of exploring & getting familiarized with the phone... It is kind of like my first PDA phone too. So there are many things still new to me. I only have one thought in my mind, i.e. "can I speak to a HTC staff about this phone? I have many many questions to ask!!!"

When I first got this Second Soul Mate, I realized that we have to make times and invest $$$ on this technology thing... IT stuff... One cannot be so far away from IT nowadays. So to me, it is an investment for me to upkeep with technology... I would want to use this as the starting point to explore all other things, such as Windows Mobile 6.1, TouchFLO 3D, etc.

In the beginning, I really liked my Second Soul Mate very much... Well, simply because it is my new toy! However, as I keep on exploring the phone, I figured that this phone is not as flexible as I thought. I personally like things that are flexible, more options, etc. Because I am kind of like a niche person, niche market, I like things to be more personalized in my own style, own way and own habit, even to the extent of little details do matter to me. Therefore, I really don't like gadgets that are rigid, limited options and lack of flexibility. But as for now, I will say that everything is still under "exploration stage", so maybe the problem can solved, and new features can be discovered ba... And I am not sure whether it is the problem of Windows Mobile or HTC phone itself...

This phone is a little slow... which at times can be annoying. And then I tried my friend's iphone, and it the speed was like instantaneously, indeed faster than Touch Diamond 2. :( I kind of like iphone now... haha... And also, I am still looking forward for Sony Ericsson SatioTM! Haha... ILIKE!

But as for now, it is still a nice phone to use... I like the messaging options, it provides many input methods for me to choose. But don't know why, sometimes the typed letter can auto capitalized and sometimes cannot. For example, the first letter of the first word, it will automatically capitalized, but sometimes, it just stays as small letter... Don't know why... I still need time to explore lor...

Oops... very long entry already... I shall stop now liao.